Adrian’s books are now open for 2017! If you would like to apply to be one of his clients, just fill out one of the Client Application forms on our website! Below is Adrian’s post about it!


*******BOOKS OPEN*******

I know there is a few of you that have been waiting on this for some time, welp my books for 2017 are now open. There are some changes however, first off I will be even more selective on what I take on as I feel to make an amazing tattoo I have to be as excited on the idea as you are. I’ll still be taking a $100 cash deposit on all appointments but I will be charging 160 per hour, with no day rates. Also I will be booking tattoos that will take approximately 3 hours or more to do, trying to get away from quick “bangers”. These rules will be applied to appointments booked in the new year, if you have an appointment booked already then this does not apply to you. To inquire about your tattoo idea, all questions can be emailed to me at the try and follow the link to online submission forms and click my name and as always I will try and reply as fast as I can. Can’t thank you people enough for the growing support and interest you take in my work! I will always try to reinvent myself as a tattoo artist and push limits indefinitely and have you lovely humans to thank for that!!!